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About Yatra Massage Studio

After almost 10 years of running a premier day spa, Utopia Spa, in Virginia, I decided to sell the business and move to my new love, Savannah Georgia. Opening the spa was a huge feat... buying an old empty building, renovating it, opening a high end business in a shaky economy, in an up and coming neighborhood, with no business background or experience or training in business... but I took it on with gusto! I dedicated my life to maintaining the high standards that I had modeled for the spa when I opened it, and continued to create a warm, inviting, relaxing, all inclusive environment for our wonderful  clients.

Even before the spa had been sold, I knew what my future in Savannah would hold. I had seen such  amazing results, both mentally and physically, for clients that visited our Massage Therapists and I knew that I wanted to be a part of those transformations. After settling in, I started school full time in Virginia College in Savannah GA. I graduated with honors and after rigorous testing, became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Yatra, a Sanskrit word meaning "journey",  Massage Studio was born as I attended classes and came to fruition as soon as I became licensed. I couldn't be happier with this beautiful, relaxing space and I thoroughly enjoy working in it almost as much as my clients enjoy their services. I look forward to spending time with you as you enjoy your beautiful journey to bliss at Yatra.


Be well... be safe... denise :)   denise Secondi, LMT


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